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RankRabbit is a leader in the industry due to our exceptional customer service and results driven expertise. Our founder, David Castro, is a leading expert in the search engine optimization field and has well over 100 testimonials from colleagues, business owners & CEOs from all over the world. Below is what some of them are saying about our work. If interested, you may also visit our founder’s LinkedIn profile at the following link – feel free to add him as a contact as well.

David’s LinkedIn

“The drive and passion that the founders have is clearly the reason why RankRabbit continues to reach higher levels of success. The RankRabbit team of search engine optimization experts are flat out some of the best in the nation. You are definitely in good hands if RankRabbit takes you on as a client”

John Iemolo, Salvo Digital
“David is the man. He knows his stuff and provides surprisingly quick results. He has expertise and efficiency skill sets which are both very important when you’re looking for someone to boost your sales and give you the correct traffic. He’s really raised the bar with his one on one services and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an internet marketer.”
Joevren Curmi, Curmi Marketing

“RankRabbit’s expertise in Search Engine Optimization is topshelf and any business owner, with a goal to take their enterprise to the next level, should be knocking on their doors. But here is the best thing about RankRabbit, they’re dedicated, problem-solvers, insightful and put the needs of the client first. I highly recommend RankRabbit.”

Sandra James, Hartford Courant

“If your company wants to rank number one on Google, then RankRabbit is the go-to expert. Their marketing skills are only surpassed by their commitment to excellence. The RankRabbit team is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and can absolutely take your business to levels that you never knew it could reach.”

Eduardo Cosma, Cima

“I had the pleasure to work with David for many months on a very advanced and complicated national project and we just killed it. David and his team of SEO experts at RankRabbit have researched and developed some mind blowing techniques to rank absolutely anything. If you get the opportunity to work with him, don’t hesitate to take it.”

Carlo Julian, Triumph

“The first time I worked with David on an internet marketing campaign, it didn’t take long to see that he is very passionate and knowledgeable about SEO. It was easy to see that these qualities are what separates him from the rest of the pack. I’d recommend his company to any business wanting more online exposure for their brand.”

Rodney Kennedy, RedTail

“Working with the RankRabbit team is always satisfying. I learn something every time and I never have to second guess they’re techniques. This company just understands SEO & digital marketing and use their skills to help their clients succeed.”

Robert Westberg, Westberg & Associates

“I worked with RankRabbit on a quite difficult project and the results exceeded my expectations. The whole process was fun and I’m glad that I found what I was looking for with them. Thanks again for the great work.”

Steven Bourgeois, BitClub.com

“I worked with RankRabbit on a national search marketing project and was in impressed at how knowledgeable David and his team at RankRabbit were. I got to see some pretty cutting edge techniques that his team developed that I know will simply explode a business’s growth. His clients are lucky to work with them.”

Andrew Suver, Ampz
“Working with David really expanded my knowledge in search engine marketing. I had the privilege to work with RankRabbit, and the team that David works with have researched and developed some of the most powerful SEO techniques I’ve seen. Its no coincidence that every client that is given the opportunity to work with RankRabbit get massive, business altering results.”
David Nguyen, BlueBird

“David is a very knowledgeable and honest SEO professional. RankRabbit was able to move one of my projects to the number one spot on Google which equated to huge growth for my business. Do not hesitate to work with them if given the opportunity.”

Tom Gustar, Green Genie

“The Founder of RankRabbit is a proven professional! His SEO knowledge and skills will get your website to the top rank in Google! I recommend his services strongly. He’s doing a great job and we will defiantly use his services for other projects we have. Thank you David and best of luck!
Worm regards,

Anat, Blue Pen Articles

“David is the go to person, when it comes to establishing online presence for clients and businesses. He has an indepth knowledge of SEO and he’s easy to work with.”

Kenny Efobi, Digital Essex
For David Castro no SEO job is too big. When a project gets on his plate he is laser focused and gets it done better than expected. Amazing personality: great leader and team player, extremely resourceful and great trainer. As his student, I was impressed by the quality and efficiency of his training. I highly recommend him as a top professional and all I can say is if you need a job done, play by his rules and you will be impressed with the results.
Maurice Kooiker, SkyRocket City

“When it comes to professionalism there is no one better than RankRabbit. After receiving information from them on how much my business could benefit from SEO I was impressed at the possibility. After working with them over a period of time the increase in sales my business has achieved from top search engine rankings has been fantastic. RankRabbit certainly over-delivered and I couldn’t be happier”

Reuben Valpy-White, Iron Horse

“RankRabbit is wonderful to work with. They really know what they’re doing with SEO and will get you to the top. They truly care about your business and wish to see you succeed. Go ahead and double the results you expect form RankRabbit because they are ones to go above and beyond for customers. I highly recommend them!”

Hannah Fitzgerald, Silkland

“While many digital marketing companies make big claims and do little to back them up, RankRabbit instead focuses on actually making the claims a reality. With their SEO expertise, RankRabbit has consistently improved our search rankings and lifted our company from a minor digital presence to something that we can be proud of.”

Daniel Pereira, Optimise Prime

“A fresh set of eyes on a project can make a world of difference. I was having some trouble ranking some things and I reached out to David to see if I could get some of his consulting expertise. He helped give me some clarity and find new details in the work I was doing to skyrocket my results. Thanks again David… Look forward to working with you in the future.”

Sam Brilhart, Brosorwhatever

Driving traffic to your website now days is the life-blood to any business! If you’re not, you’re missing out on a lot of business. RankRabbit is the best at using tested techniques to drive free traffic to your website which increases your business many times over. I highly recommend them!

Jennifer Edwards, Jaguar Edge

“RankRabbit knows how to rank a website! I have learned so much from David – he is one of the only SEOs I go to for advice. Work with him and you will definitely grow your business”

Ashley Usoh, Vemrick

“Working with RankRabbit was a pleasure in every way. They’re one of the few real SEO agencies who know how to rank #1 on Google. The team has delivered everything that was promised, and done so in a very trustful manner. I highly recommend RankRabbit!”

Jacob Hestbech Lind, Jacob Lind Marketing

“RankRabbit has been a real asset to our business in terms of SEO results and long term strategy. They know the business inside out and this is clear from the results they achieve. Always professional, transparent and honest – it has been a pleasure to work with the RankRabbit team.”

Jason Mills, Brum Design

“RankRabbit is awesome at helping clients increase their traffic flow through the power of SEO. They are creative and knowledgeable and great to work with.”

James Jennings, seowebcreations.com

“RankRabbit puts the success of their clients first. They always know the latest SEO updates so your website is continually at the top spot. David is a highly effective digital marketer and SEO mastermind. If you want to take your business to the next level call RankRabbit right now!”

Kamalesh Pandian, Stan Ventures

“Having the opportunity to network and build a relationship with David has meant such a difference for me and my business. He possesses a unique set of skills that helps him excel in providing amazing results for his clients. Well sought after yet very hands-on with his clients places him at the top of my list of digital marketing professionals. Thinking SEO, contact David at RankRabbit today!”

Brian Diaz, Golden Peak Media

“RankRabbit has given many business owners in search of organic traffic to their websites a great piece of mind. RankRabbit will deliver results in a timely manner, of course taking into consideration the ever changing algorithms of googles search engine.”

Rogelio Cortez, Rocor

“This is the SEO agency you want to help grow your business. RankRabbit has been a tremendous benefit and I can now stop buying ads because I’ve reached the 1st page of Google. The traffic has started flowing like I cannot believe!!! RankRabbit will get referrals from us for sure. Thanks so much David!”

Gretchen January, RED/SEM

“David is at the top of his game and is among the top 1% of all search marketers. He’s the right person to contact to take the next step online.”

Linden Schwark, vancouverseoagency.com

“David Castro makes efficient use of employee communications to build quality awareness. He knows when to seek outside advice when solving SEO problems. David displays the self-confidence needed to face the toughest ranking challenges. David Castro at RankRabbit is recommended!”

George Near, Internet Media by George Near

“David Castro is an SEO expert who is sought after for his ability to rank websites in the search engines. He provides consistent results for his clients, who see the benefits from the increase in traffic and leads helping their business to grow. His knowledge and SEO skills are top notch and I highly recommend working with David at RankRabbit SEO.”

Carol Bell, Monumental

“David and his team of search marketing experts at RankRabbit are simply great at getting results! They are at the top of the industry. We work with various marketing & SEO companies around the world and it’s refreshing when we get to work with such a talented team. With RankRabbit we’ve been able to get our clients to dominate the first page of Google, including their website, Facebook, Google+, Youtube video and more! If you want more business, work with them (if you’re lucky enough).”

Mark Jeanes, Bouncy Media

“When it comes to quality SEO that will get highly targeted traffic to your website, RankRabbit is where it’s at! They know how to, not only increase your traffic & ROI, but in the process build & strengthen your company’s reputation online. If your company needs more quality traffic, don’t look past this company.”

Jeremie Webb, SmartExposure

“David is an incredibly talented SEO. He has the skills and know-how to increase leads and targeted traffic to local businesses. David has my recommendation for SEO and marketing consulting work.”

Steven Clark, Hazel

“RankRabbit was instrumental in the success of a recent complex multi-city SEO project. Their knowledge of the latest techniques for ranking websites is what set’s them apart from others we have worked with in the past. Thanks for the help and looking forward to working together in the future!”

Philip Henry, CityofBostonseo.com

“I have had the opportunity to work with RankRabbit on SEO projects. They’re very knowledgeable in SEO and very professional and efficient. RankRabbit’s SEO strategies are safe and proven to rank any website even with difficult keywords. I would recommend them to any business looking to increase traffic to their website.”

Vella Frakes, Madarland Inc.

“David is a fantastic digital marketer, skilled in all areas of SEO and digital marketing. David and his company can get your business ranking in google to bring in new traffic and increase your customer base.”

Alana Jones, Modern Property Solutions

“David is a SEO Magician! He is friendly and a true professional. David’s knowledge of true current organic SEO solutions and strategies is beyond reproach. His focus is on results and customer satisfaction. He is ethical and does not employ cheap tricks which can damage a site’s reputation. If you are ready for the next level, I highly recommend David!”

Gay Swordsma, Swordsma Unlimited
“David knows SEO! Not only is he a professional marketing expert he is a pleasure to work with. David and his company RankRabbit will drive essential leads to your business so you can grow and increase your revenue. I highly recommend David!”
Andres Preece, Traffic Rush
“I have known David for a while now, and he is one of the few people I would say is an expert when it comes to search engine optimization. He has a wide range of knowledge in optimization and helping businesses gain visibility on search engines. He is also very easy to work with and is truly dedicated to his work. I highly recommend him!”
Kirtna Charavda, Magnoliaseo
“When it comes to Search Engine Optimization expertise, David should be your go to Consultant. Not only does he have in-depth knowledge about Google search ranking factors, he also provides clear-cut SEO strategic plans that brings quality results fast. Highly recommended.”
Salman Abideen, Comprobase, Inc.

“If you are struggling to get traffic towards your website, try RankRabbit. Their experience with SEO is remarkable and this proves in the job that they deliver. I highly recommend RankRabbit as I got amazing results from their work.”

Chris Bramhall, CBSM Agency

“David’s knowledge when it comes to SEO is remarkable. The way he models himself and his business is head and shoulders above the rest. He has excelled in the SEO world. His knowledge and strategy is by far the most the most impressive I have come across.”

Waqar Ali, ASEO Ltd.
“David is a go-getter and big picture thinker who is not afraid of the weeds. He will work meticulously and tirelessly to achieve your online domination goals, and get you to Page 1. Highly recommended.”
Lu Gravelle, Ooda
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